If you are in a hurry, this is not the
website for you.  My food nonsense and
recipes tend to ramble and I babble. I’m
old and feeble minded and sometimes I
forget what I’m doing and wonder off
into the woods and attract mosquitoes.

There are so many wonderful Food sites
now that I don’t know why anybody
would want to bother with mine but I’m
having a lot of fun with it anyway. My
feet won't let me be a professional chef
anymore but I still enjoy cooking more
than anything except sitting in front of a
fire and telling lies with old friends.

I am a stogy old poot and, I don’t like
new stuff.  I like old hotels, old
restaurants, old towns, old music and old
places. I prefer classical music and
classical recipes. I don’t like computers
and hand held gizmos and I prefer
classical Flamenco like that of
I don’t like Nuvo anything.
The Geriatric Gourmet
Feria de Constantina,
España, 1960.....Abuela by
now. I worked at
Constantina from 1960 to
Hablo con  acento Andalú y soy
cómodo con español. Mantengo
contacto frecuente con mis amigos en
España y México.

Mein Deutsch ist nicht besonders gut,
aber ich verstehe genug und kann es
ausreichend sprechen; so daß ich in
Ländern, in denen Deutsch
gesprochen wird (Deutschland,
Österreich, Schweiz, Südtirol) mich
sehr gut verständigen kann. Ich
behalte häufigen Kontakt mit meinen
deutschen Freunden in Europa bei.

Parlo l'italiano bene abbastanza e
mantengo il contatto frequente con i
miei amici Italiani in Europa.

My Japanese accent is good but my
vocabulary is very limited. I study
when I plan a trip to Japan.

Watakushi no akusento ha iinodesu
ga, tango ryoku ha kagirarete
中です。Nihon e itsu ryokou wo
shiyouka to kentou chyu desu.

Je parle à seulement assez français
pour obtenir que j'ai besoin de dans
Québec, La Suisse ou France. Je
m'appelle John Martin, j'habite en
Texas et New Mexico et j'ai besoin
d'un cognac.

Quando eu estou em Portugal, eu falo
principalmente espanhol e eu tento
meu mau português………….. Eu
faço suficientemente bem.
The Gourmet, London, 1961
Fish Market,
, Italia,
Goodies from Mexico and
Texas Rio Grande
Frischer Sauerbraten jemand?
Yum Yum Thailand
Fishermen, Bay of Naples beneath our
apartment at
Regina Giovanna.
Lobster Burger, By the Bay
Restaurant, Prince
Edward Island
, which is
north of
Lobster Burger, Prince Edward Island, 2004
The Gourmet (in White) plays at
Feria de Constantina, 1962
Others from left to right are:
Byron Hutto, John Charney and
Frank Lukitsch.
My Languages:

English-fair, Spanish-fluent,
German- mediocre, Italian-fluent,
Japanese-Accent & Grammar-good,
Vocabulary-weak, French-just
barely, Portuguese-when in
Portugal, I speak mostly Spanish
with a little experimental
Portuguese……….it works.
I put this little search thing here so you could look for recipes and
sometimes it works but, like me, it’s pretty dumb.
Oh fiddle-Dee Dee, I’ll think about that tomorrow.
© 1972
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